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Toby Fox RADIO

It used to be rad.

Toby Fox RADIO spanned from Sept 2010 to August 2011 and contained many long-winded and drawn out anecdotes/ sketches from a prepubescent Toby.

It is still available on iTunes for free, but its future is uncertain.

Toby Fox Radio on iTunes
Back in TFR's Heyday

Back in TF RADIO's heyday.


Where you can find me


Short films by Toby Fox - Just click the links!

Trunkbusters to the rescue Night in the blitz Alien Cow Abduction Toby Fox's Geography Project

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Created in 2008 in a long-lost program called 'Serif Webplus 9' has remained relatively boring from the very start.

I'm based in Sheffield and have developed a handful of websites for local businesses including PJS Music and Xtreme Sound Systems. Please have a look and consider me if youre looking for a nice website.

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